How to load a local texture file to WebPlayer

From I have learnt so far the only way to load a file from the local computer to the WebPlayer involves sending this file to server, generating an event, getting this event inside WebPlayer, and importing the file from the server to WebPlayer. In this way the data travels to the server and then back to the computer if I am right. There is no way to bypass this, is it?

Basically I want to let the user to see a GameObject mapped with his own file.

It is possible to pass a file to the WebPlayer as an argument of unity.SendMessage function in javascript on the webpage?

I don’t think so…best way to get some file into webplayer is using the WWW…I wanted to do the same, but i don’t think its possible :|.

– David

You might be able to embed the form in your player (using WWWForm)
You might also consider building it as stand-alone. They’d have to install it (no biggie) and you can still use WWW to talk to servers.

Note that the webplayer has no access to the hard drive of the client machine. The excellent example from tomekkie2 has the html page access the file and push it into the webplayer using SendMessage. Great work!