How to Load a New Scene and Activate a GameObject in the same Method/Function?

I have a question. I have a button that Loads another scene with SceneManager.LoadScene();
However, upon loading this scene I want to activate a GameObject (it’s a shop UI).
How can I do this in the same method/function?

My current method is as follows…

   public void ShopMenuButton()
        GameObject shopMenu = GameObject.FindWithTag("ShopMenu");

The error I receive is…

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
GameManager.ShopMenuButton () (at Assets/Scripts/GameManager.cs:122)

Apparently I am unsure how to assign an object from a different scene as well.


Returns one active GameObject tagged tag.

Looks like your object is not active, so FindWithTag will not find it.

So I found something that works for my particular problem on StackOverFlow. Original link here

Basically you can resolve this by using the built in Unity class PlayerPrefs. I resolved it by having a script in the previous scene with a method that looks like this…

public void ShopMenuButton() { string goToShop = "GoShop"; SceneManager.LoadScene(0); PlayerPrefs.SetString("GoShop", goToShop); PlayerPrefs.Save(); }
^ This method sets a Key and a Value with PlayerPrefs.SetSTring() and then saves the Key/Value with PlayerPrefs.Save(). Now when you go into the next scene this preference is still saved and can be retrieved in the next script in the Awake() method like this …

        private void Awake()
            //Gets String from PlayerPref. Null by default.
            string goToShop = PlayerPrefs.GetString("GoShop", null);

            if (goToShop != null) //if not null then continue
                if (goToShop == "GoShop") //if string variable == string value from PlayerPrefs
                    Debug.Log("Going to Shop!");
                    Debug.Log("PlayerPref String Not Assigned/Saved");

Also the variable shopMenu is simply an inactive GameObject that is assigned in the Unity editor just for clarification.