How to load a scene within a scene

This has been asked before, but none of the answers I have seen have answered my own.

I have 2 Scenes: Scene1 and Scene2

Scene1: Basic indoor living room with amenities couch etc. Huge Flatscreen on TV stand, with an Xbox360 underneath.

Scene2: My own finished game.

(This is for a Virtual Environment Final for College, we need to make a “real-life” sim, where we do everyday tasks/hobbies. What I have chosen is to have the player walk and turn on the Xbox360 and then put in the disc and sit down to play a game)

What I want to do is when the player presses the play button I am going to pan the camera so that you still see the TV and the background surroundings, yet Scene 2 is playing on the TV.

How would I go about changing the resolution of Scene2 to be smaller than Scene1, while still being able to see the background of scene1

I know with all of the Application.LoadLevelAdditive and Application.LoadLevelAdditiveAsync load in other assets into the scene without deleting the current ones, but I dont want to load in the “Scene” view of the Scene2, I want the Game “View” only to be loaded onto a certain resolution (Which i would make fit into the exact dimensions of the TV Screen)

Would it be possible to load in Scene2 or somehow have it running within Scene1 and just turn it on when the player turns on the Xbox.

Also, when the player dies in the game, I would want to just reload the scene on the TV.

Im not asking for any of you to do this for me, what I want is for someone with knowledge to point me in the right direction, I’ve been scouring the Unity Script Reference for something that “might” pertain to what I want to do, but, it is hard to find something when I am not exactly sure what it is lol

Sorry for such a long post

Thanks for spending the time to read this, and I appreciate any help you provide!

If all else fails, I will just pan the screen into the size of the TV while fading to Black and then switch the scenes

Um, first off, if its all on screen at once, its all one scene.

If you really want to do this then you will have to have both scene graphs loaded. You will need to put them on different layers and set the main camera to render the layer the room is on and not the one the game is on. Then you will need to put the game somewhere else in the world where it wont interact with the room model. You will need to set up a second camera that renders the layer the game is on to a texture, and map that texture to the TV in the first model.

Render to texture only is available, btw, in Unity Pro.

If I might suggest a different approach…

(1) Capture a fixed image of the start of the game and make that the texture of the TV screen.

(2) Capture an image from standing in front of the TV screen. Bring that into a paint program and remove the screen so you have a “mask” that shows through where the screen is.

(3) Make a separate scene that is for your gameplay with that mask as a gui Texture.

(4) Move the player to the matching position in the room scene, then transfer to the game scene.