how to load and save date to && from Internet ?

I need to strore and load some varible value to && from Internet- I want use dropbox or google drive to strore the date-I knew how to use WWW Classe but i don’t knew what i should do in my google drive or dropbox web page?

google drive, dropbox no longer works unless you have a pro subscription. upload the html and the unity3d files to googledrive in a folder. Rightclick the folder and click on share. Then select anyone on the internet can find and view. after you have dont that, open the folder. You should see the html and unity3d files. Without selecting any of them click on the little “i” in the circle icon in the top right. Go to the details tab and click on the link in hosting. Copy the url. paste it to your url bar again and at the end put “/‘your file name here’.html”. If you have a space in your filename just put “%20” instead of space. Press enter and you should be at you webpage, HOPE IT WORKS!!!

What you are looking for is Dropbox API or Google Drive API. Those terms should get you started on finding more relevant topics and answers, like this for example. This is not a simple topic and there is no simple answer. Unity does not provide such functionality out of the box.