How to load custom IR samples in Demo ConvolutionReverb (Audio Mixer)?

Hi there!

Does anyone know how to load custom IRs (Impulse Response) WAV files in
‘Demo ConvolutionReverb’ of the Audio Mixer effects?

I found this link that partly explained it, but there is no explanation in the manual about that/about how you are suppose to load a WAV IR into it.…-use-custom-samples-impulse-responses.336293/

Thus, there is ‘Demo ConvolutionReverb’ (in Audio Mixer effects list) and there is
‘Convolution Reverb Upload IR’ (Script). The latter is where you upload the samples; but to what element do we assign this script (camera, game object?)?

I assigned this script to the camera and also a game object; and put 3 IR samples in it - and put the ‘index’ number at 5 …the impulse wav file does not register in the Audio Mixer (it says ‘Impulse: Not Set’)?

How do you get to make the Demo ConvolutionReverb in Audio Mixer obtain the WAV file sample? That the sample file has the ‘index’ sample number correct to match - and appear in the Audio Mixer.

Thank you very much.

PS: On that link above it says the Audio Mixer ‘Demo ConvolutionReverb’ is - Plugin_ConvolutionReverb.cpp
that you can edit and then make the sample appear in Audio Mixer…where is that file ‘Plugin_ConvolutionReverb.cpp’ located (the directory) in the Unity directory list (I searched all .cpp files and could not find it)?
And, where do we store the Impuse Response files/what directory (if any in particular) where we must put the files so Audio Mixer finds them?

Re For anyone wondering/facing this problem, I have found the solution;

The reason it did not work/show up is because Audio Mixer is inactive/so is the script; it is only when in Play Mode that it becomes available/loads up/shows up (because script is activated and then ‘goes to get it’; so it will show).

When we load a IR/sound file in the Convolution Reverb Upload IR (Script) and put the index - and match it - in the Audio Mixer Demo ConvolutionReverb effect - it will not show up (when Not in Play Mode of Editor/in Off mode).

When press Play; and have the Audio Mixer visible, while in play mode, you will see the Audio Mixer become Active;
and Then, you will see change happening; …as you are in Play Mode; the Audio Mixer will show ‘Edit while in Play Mode’; click that and now you will see the ‘Impulse’ appearing correctly (whatever one you had loaded in that Convolution Reverb Upload IR script (you can assign it to camera/object); and for the impulse to show, it must match the ‘index’ number - but as you move the ‘use samples’ slider and match the ‘index number’, then, you will see the impulse appear; plus, you will ‘hear it’, that the impulse is correctly applied; that is how you know the impulse is working/applied; it must say the name of that impulse on the GUI of ConvolutionReverb effect in Audio Mixer.

And, as said, you will only see it/it only works; while, in Play Mode (and watching the Audio Mixer at the same time). It’s simply because Unity must use that Convolution Reverb Upload IR (Script) to Get the impulse (it’s very obvious, but I overlooked that - that script must run (in the first place to load them)); and for that, it must run/be in play mode/to make the script get IRs (and this will show in Audio Mixer).