how to load .dll files?

hey guys im doing a unity project which involves the use of an existing .dll file and after incorporating the LogitechSteeringWheel script, unity says DLLNotFoundException: Logitech Steering Wheel but the steering wheel can still be used so how can i import the LogitechSteeringWheel.dll file.

You have to put the LogitechSteeringWheel.dll in the Plugins folder. If there isn’t one in the project then create it. Unity will look there for any third party libraries. Make sure you use the correct one as there are two in the Logitech SDK ( free on Unity asset store ). The one in x64 folder is for 64 bit Unity builds and the other x86 is for 32 bit builds.

Having said this I am also having a similar problem with the x86 dll where on one computer it works fine in the editor and the build, but when I port the build to another computer with the same specs the log file says that it doesn’t exist and the logitech wheel doesn’t respond. I ran Procmon to see what’s going on and Procmon reports all access to the dll as successful. [ Head Scratch ]

Download DirectX again. It will install ‘Other Components’ which includes the XInput1_3.dll which probably is missing as dependency out of the Logitech’s libraries.