how to load level when your enemy health gets to 0

I want to load my main menu when my enemy health gets to 0

here’s the code for my enemy health

private void HandleAnswer(int answer) {
         if (answer == 1)
         ShowIncorrect = false;
                        ShowCorrect = true;
         Poop = false;
         animation.PlayQueued("Wrong answer",QueueMode.PlayNow);  
        else { 
         ShowIncorrect = true;
          ShowCorrect = false;
         Poop = false;
         animation.PlayQueued ("Wrong answer",QueueMode.PlayNow);  
         Enemy.animation.PlayQueued("ENMattck", QueueMode.CompleteOthers);

//okay so i want to put the code here
//so when my enemy hp go 0 my main menu will load