How to load .mp4 or .avi from local folder in unity 5?

How can I watch or reproduce .mp4 or .avi videos on unity 5 from a local address?
On the following script I get the video in .ogg and .ogv format, but I need it in .mp4. How can I do??

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
using UnityEngine.UI;
using System.IO;

public class PruebaAsignarVideo : MonoBehaviour {
	string path = "C:/Users/Taku/Desktop/";
	string url = "file:///C:/Users/Taku/Desktop/";
	string fileName = "vide.mp4";
	string[] files;	
	RawImage player;
	AudioSource sound;
	MovieTexture movie;	
	void Start () {
		player = GetComponent<RawImage> ();
		sound = GetComponent<AudioSource> ();		
		files = Directory.GetFiles (path);		
		StartCoroutine (loadMovie ());
	IEnumerator loadMovie(){
		WWW www = new WWW (url + fileName);
		yield return www;
		if (www.error != null) {
			yield break;
		} else {
			MovieTexture video = as MovieTexture;
			movie = video;
			player.texture = movie;
			sound.clip = movie.audioClip;
			movie.Play ();
			sound.Play ();
			MovieTexture movieToPlay =;
			MeshRenderer ren = this.GetComponent<MeshRenderer>();
			ren.material.mainTexture = movieToPlay ;    

You can’t. Unity’s MovieTexture only supports OGG Theora.

The Unity Editor supports converting .mp4 to .ogg using QuickTime, but the engine itself doesn’t.

You might be able to find a plugin on the Asset Store that properly wraps ffmpeg (a famous library that supports MP4->OGV conversion), but the real question is: are you sure you need this at runtime, and can’t simply convert the files beforehand?