How to load plist file into APK (Android) with Unity?

I’m working on a multi platform game and am trying to load a “plist” (or “txt” for iOS) file into the APK with Unity. I can’t figure out to what directory that file has to be put in order to have it in the APK file after building the APK with Unity.

As for the iPhone version the file is being set in

Application.dataPath + "/../" + "levels.txt";

and it works like that.
However, to which path has this file to be set in order to make it appear in the Android APK file? I’ve tried various sub paths already but in no case the plist file appeared within the APK file afterwards.

Thanks for any helpful hints.

Why can’t you access file as TextAsset? - just create TextAsset property in your script. Drag and drop the file into the property, and then you can access contents by doing myTextAssetProperty.text

Thanks a lot. That actually worked wonderfully!