How to load remote config for version build of game?

Hi everyone,

I am trying to integrate Unity Remote Config to my game.
Now I want to setting data for each different release version.
(Because I often update boss, enemy controller scripts, so I need to config the data of them to update the balance of game).

What should I do to setting remote config for many version?

For example a text file, with properties to read out.
You can use JsonUtility for example, to help with that.

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Can you elaborate what data you want to update? You mention enemy controller scripts, do you mean variables within your scripts?

@thantieuhodo91 with Remote Config v1.1.0-preview onwards, you can now create custom environments. My suggestion would be to create a separate environment for each of the app versions, and have the runtime for each version fetch the right environment. This will give you the most flexibility.

The other option, but not as scalable, would to be use a rule for each version. The downside to this is that you wouldn't be able to have different keys between version, only different values for keys.