how to load texture from C:\ Folder at Runtime build

i use images fot the texture of the material.
the images downloading from web page to Resources folder.
and it works at runtime mode.

when i build windows exe, i didn’t get error message at console.

if i click exe file and open game. it doesnt load the textures.
how to load any images,obj models from any folder of hard drive.


  private void ModelGetir()
    loadedObj = new OBJLoader().Load("Assets/Resources/Data/Models/" + ModelID + "/Model.obj");

    Texture2D textureMain = Resources.Load("Data/Models/" + ModelID + "/Model", typeof(Texture2D)) as Texture2D;
    Texture2D textureNormal = Resources.Load("Data/Models/" + ModelID + "/Model_normal", typeof(Texture2D)) as Texture2D;

    mat = Resources.Load("SkinMat/Mat", typeof(Material)) as Material;
    mat.SetTexture("_BaseColorMap", textureMain);
    mat.SetTexture("_NormalMap", textureNormal);
    //    //-----------------------------------------------------
    //    matClay = Resources.Load("clay", typeof(Material)) as Material;
    //    matClay.SetTexture("_BumpMap", textureNormal);

    loadedObj.transform.Find("default").GetComponent<Renderer>().material = mat;

    loadedObj.layer = 9;
    loadedObj.transform.Find("default").gameObject.layer = 9;
    loadedObjClone = Instantiate(loadedObj);
    loadedObjClone.layer = 10;
    loadedObjClone.transform.Find("default").gameObject.layer = 10;

    GameObject Head_mesh = loadedObj.transform.Find("default").gameObject;
    if (Head_mesh)
        Head_mesh.tag = "Editable";
        Debug.Log("Scupting Brush yuklendi");

    loadingmesaj = "...";
    loadingYon = "down";
    SetloadedObj = true;

I suggest downloading the images to the StreamingAssets folder instead. (Use Application.streamingAssetsPath at runtime to get its location. Standalone builds have it in a different place than the Unity editor.)

I don’t know if that will fix your problem, but it’s worth a try. Standalone executables definitely know how to read resources from individual files when they’re under StreamingAssets.

thank you so much muckenhoupt i’ll let you know when i try this.