How to load vuforia image targets from specific folder in SD card in unity or Android

I want to load image targets from a specific folder in sd card at unity or android.
I cannot find any videos or documents for it.
How to do this work?

Thank you for helping me.

Hi @taghdir Vuforia just released in 8.6 Image Target at Run-time. You can find more information here: on how to use it. Thank you. Vuforia Engine Support

I am not sure that Unity is allowed to access some folder directly. I guess you have to use a filechoser dialogue to load stuff in unity and handle it there. Not sure about filebrowser apps though.

Thank you
I tried to set the image targets at runtime based on:

And part: “The code example below will allow you to download a texture image from a web URL and generate an image target from it.”

But I have the RuntimeImageSource error in this line:

“var runtimeImageSource = objectTracker.RuntimeImageSource;”

my error is :

‘ObjectTracker’ does not contain a definition for ‘RuntimeImageSource’ and no accessible extension method ‘RuntimeImageSource’ accepting a first argument of type ‘ObjectTracker’ could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)

My code is attached