How to lock cursor NOT always center on view?

Screen.lockCursor always make the cursor centered without an option.
Any way to do this in unity?

Uhm, why? If you would lock the cursor near a window edge, you risk to let the cursor go out of your window. If you click at this moment you will loose the focus. The best place to lock the cursor is at the center of the screen.

However, if you really are in need to move the cursor to a certain position, you need a native-code-plugin or managed code library that wraps the native code function. This, of course, doesn’t work in a webbuild!

See this thread for more information.

Anyway i wouldn’t recommend to do something like that unless you implement it very carefully. You have to set the systems cursor directly. If something goes wrong in your game it could have an impact on the whole system.

The better solution is to just use lockCursor and display your own virtual cursor (a GUITexture for example). This allows you to set your virtual cursor to any place you like.