How to log in an android game?

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Sorry for the noob question, but how to I view Debug.Log when I have built the game as an .APK on an Android device? If there is something else than Debug.Log, what is it? I just need to log some lines in my script while it is running on an Android device(NOT EDITOR) since I’m having issues with Google Play Leaderboard login.

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using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class GuiTextDebug : MonoBehaviour {
    private float windowPosition = -440.0f;
    private int positionCheck = 2;
    private static string windowText = "";
    private Vector2 scrollViewVector =;
    private GUIStyle debugBoxStyle;
    private float leftSide = 0.0f;
    private float debugWidth = 420.0f;
    public bool debugIsOn = false;
    public static void debug(string newString)
        windowText = newString + "

" + windowText;

    void Start () {
        debugBoxStyle = new GUIStyle();
        debugBoxStyle.alignment = TextAnchor.UpperLeft;
        leftSide = 120; //Screen.width - debugWidth - 3;
    void OnGUI () {
        if (debugIsOn) {
            GUI.depth = 0;
            GUI.BeginGroup (new Rect(windowPosition, 40.0f, leftSide, 200.0f));
                scrollViewVector = GUI.BeginScrollView (new Rect (0, 0.0f, debugWidth, 200.0f), scrollViewVector, new Rect (0.0f, 0.0f, 400.0f, 2000.0f));
                GUI.Box (new Rect (0, 0.0f, debugWidth - 20.0f, 2000.0f), windowText, debugBoxStyle);
            GUI.EndGroup ();
            if (GUI.Button(new Rect (leftSide, 0.0f,75.0f,40.0f), "Debug")){
                if (positionCheck == 1){
                    windowPosition = -440.0f;
                    positionCheck = 2;
                else {
                    windowPosition = leftSide;
                    positionCheck = 1;
            if (GUI.Button(new Rect (leftSide + 80f,0.0f,75.0f,40.0f),"Clear")){
                windowText = "";

This is an older code but should still work just add it a game object.
Let me know if this worked for you!

@putin2001 You can use adb command to view android device logs.

open command prompt/ terminal of your system and use adb logcat command to view logs.