How to loop through and remove Instantiate Gameobject clones

How do I loop through and remove Instantiate Gameobject clones?

What I have for making Gameobjects. But how do I loop through these and remove?
var prefab: GameObject;

	if ( prefab ) {
		for(var i :int = 0; i == 0; i++){
			Instantiate(prefab, CorrespondingGroundHit.point, Quaternion.identity );

First you need to find them. You can save them in an array when you create them. Or you can tag them all the same and use GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag(). Or there are a few other ways to find game objects. Assuming FindGameObjectWithTag():

GameObject[] argo = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("YourTag");
foreach (GameObject go in argo) {

Hey thanks for the reply, much appreciated. Is your example in c# though? Just need to remove everything in the array, and disable/destroy the gameobjects (Prefab).

var Prefab: GameObject[];
		if ( Prefab ) {
			for(var i :int = 0; i == 0; i++){
				Instantiate(Prefab*, CorrespondingGroundHit.point, Quaternion.identity );*
  •  	}*
  •  }*

Do I need to do Destroy(Prefab*);*