How to lower/optimize "others" in profiler

As the question states, how would lower the “others” in my game? I know that they are animations, ai, and some other stuff, but i don’t know what I should do with that information. A tutorial and this would also be great.

Well for the 113 people following this question, “Others” means Unity can no longer help you with its light and easy information, so you have to now resort to more traditional “hammer and nails” techniques to narrow down where the performance is going. The things you would do in the days before you had Unity to rely on.

First you should start by disabling things in your project until the graph is nearly 100% “Waiting for Vsync” time. If you can see what the Profiler looks like when your game isn’t hogging all the CPU time, then you have a good idea of how much different things affect the workload as you slowly add stuff back in.

Now add back things a little bit at a time, rebuild and run the profiler. Each re-build, you watch the graph and if the “Other” goes up by a lot, you added too much, you need to take it out and add less back in until you’ve narrowed down the things that are the problem.

That’s the basic idea. You should be smart and try to do things by “halves”. Eg. if you untick all the “Active” boxes on every game object in your scene, and the profiler frees up to just Vsync, then add the top half back. If the profiler goes up again, the problem is in the top half. If it doesn’t, it’s in the bottom half. Whichever one it is, add half of that half back in… and repeat, until you narrow down which thing is causing the most slowdown. You can do that with scripts too. You just have to be very aware about where you can break up the scripts into halves without having it crash completely.

But if it’s not one thing causing the slowdown, you’ll find the Others graph increase gradually as you add more and more back in. In this case you’ll just have to look at each thing as you add them back in and decide if it’s contributing too much, and if so, work out why and what to do about it. That may require you to ask questions on forums, but those kinds of detailed questions, eg. “This game object” or “this line in this script” is contributing too much time to the “Other” graph, why is that? Will get a lot more helpful responses than “My game is slow, help”

How you go about pulling apart your game to put back in piece by piece to test each part in isolation is really dependent on your particular game and how it was made, that’s something you’ll have to work out for yourself. Or possibly ask more nuanced questions.