How to mach vector positions of gameobjecst

Dear Unity forum,

I am trying to position gameobjects to certain positions but I noticed that even in the unity ui editor the transform.positions are not the same on all the objects even when they are right next to each other. (see image)

Because of this reason I tested it out with code and I found out that with the same x positions the objects are not even nearly close to each other.

The code:

    FryingPan.transform.position = new Vector3(4.15f, -0.175f, 1.15f);
    OliveOil.transform.position = new Vector3(4.15f, -0.0902f, 1.15f);

The result:

How do you set gameObjects close to each other and make the vector places the same for all objects. I might be doing something terrible wrong but you should be able to define this normally right?

Fixed it myself,

Apparantly the centre of the gameobject was located somewhere different and it is easier to match gameobjects their position by giving them the same parent objects.

All the credits go to @Kryptos in the following post: