How to maintain sharp lines (pixel-like effect) from small textures on 3D assets

I have bunch of small source textures, 64x64 pixels. Example:

I want this texture to occupy a significant part of the screen, but scaled without any smoothing/anti-aliasing, even though it could cover as much as 640x640 pixels on the device. But I the result I am getting looks like this:

(Note the undesired addition of multiple brown colours - rather than solid blocks)

  • I am using import settings which have
    the texture set to Clamp and Point.

  • The camera has anti-aliasing turned

  • The camera ‘output’ has MSAA
    turned off.

  • The material uses the
    Unlit\Texture shader

  • I’m using URP,
    but could switch to HDRP.

  • I don’t
    believe I can use the pixel perfect
    package, as that is designed with 2D
    in mind, and I am creating a 3D

The effect I’m going for, is that like a old 1980’s 3D game, ‘stretched’ to big resolution, with no clever sampling to soften the jagged edges.

Tried turning mipmaps off on the texture import?

Thanks for the suggestion @tuinal . It didn’t make a difference unfortunately. Further experimentation proved that

My source textures were only approximately 64x64 - and once I made them exactly 64x64, the issues were resolved.

Partial improvements could also be gained by changing the resize algorithm from Mitchell to Bilinear and ensuring RGB 24 was the (correct) format.