How to make 2D grass platforms?

So I’ve been stuck trying to create platforms for a 2d game i’m making with Unity 3D. I have no idea how but what I wanted to do was to have grass sticking up waving on top of a platform like a cute 2d game. I also wanted the bottom to be dirt hanging like it was ripped out of the ground and put into the sky. I hope you understand what i’m wanting and ive been stumped on how to do this.

I have googled so many possible ways of wording this and nothing has come up. Thank’s so much to anyone who can answer!!

I don’t know if it counts but I am using Photoshop for any images being made

You want to grab one of the 2D asset store plug ins probably - then you just need to draw your stuff, probably an animation for the grass waving and some solid dirt, plug em together and away you go. I use 2D Toolkit for that stuff. There are many choices and you could do it yourself, but those things have great tutorials and 2D toolkit has good collision detection stuff too.