How to make 3d sound with realistic reflection

I’m an architectural student and i want to make a concert hall project presentation with unity (interactive presentation of the project) but I know nothing about programming and I want to make the sound reflects off walls and to be absorbed , I tried to use FMOD and Steam Audio but it didn’t work (or I didn’t know how yo apply them) , I think there could be a way to make it happen with Raycast by Raycasting from the audio source in multiple directions and make the Raycast bounce off the walls and when it hits the listener the sound could be heard otherwise it won’t .

I really hope you could help me or at least tell me how to make Raycast in multiple directions.

I don’t think there is a realtime wave raycasting solution for Unity yet. I think Steam and Resonance (Open source spatializer from Google) is your way to go. Resonance has the option to bake reverb for spaces which may be what you are looking for.

Perhaps you cuold try implementing this manually? For example, send out a raycast in various directions (Possibly similar to how raycasts were implemented in this video: Coding Adventure: Boids - YouTube), and then compute bounces until there’s a direct line of sight to the audio source. At that point you can play the audio source at the position around the player/user/listener that the raycast was sent off from.

Maybe you can make it even more performant by computing the sound bounces every once in a while instead of every frame, and/or computing it in the background using IEnumerator instead of during the frame update.

This is just an idea. I have no idea if it would work, and I have never tried it. I don’t know how to implement half the things I mentioned here, but I think with some research and learning, it should be possible. This is a very interesting idea though, and I think I’ll try this myself one day as well.