How to make a 2d multiplayer game with hamachi or open port ?

Hi ! Im a beginner in unity networking and i was wondering how does multiplayer with hamachi or open port work ? Do i need to do something special or unity network manager can handle it ? Do i use networkmanager matchmaker ? What port do i need to use ? What function ? Thanks :slight_smile:

EDIT : For exemple if you know “Magicite” it’s a 2d game made with unity with multiplayer features and i want to make a multiplayer system like it

UNet should be just fine, using Unity Services’ Multiplayer (Matchmaker) is only if you need Unity to host the servers for you.

If you want to host everything locally so anyone can make a server then just use the default UNet things, you can customize the Network Manager if you want to make a better UI, and you can change all the port settings in the Network Manager