How to make a 2d platformer with a rolling ball as a player?

Hi, I am pretty new to Unity and have started with a game where you are in a closed-off arena, and your player is a circle, with the circle and a sword as children under the actual player character. I have watched a few videos on platformer making, but I realised that all the videos explaining a player movement tutorial has ground check. For a normal platformer, that is fine, but I am struggling in trying to get my player to move, as well as rotate (roll) and jump. This is a problem because I tried to use a character controller and a player movement script, but the character doesn’t rotate, it doesn’t jump and for some reason, it moved around yesterday, but it refuses to do so today. Please can you help me with a character controller that works with a rotating object, or a least tell me if it is possible to make one? Thanks in advance.

I am having the same issue! Did you find a solution?