How to make a 3D Hex Model with Unity?

This is more like a newbie question.

I would like to make a 3D hex Grid.

The first step is then to make a 3D hex tile; that is a 3D model with an hexagonal face and shape, and a thin height.

Surely there is some easy way to do this with Unity?

Note that I exclude the option to make a plane with a 2D texture of an hex grid, this would not suit my needs.

2 ways I can think of:

  1. Use GL to draw meshes and quads to form your model:
  2. Otherwise the other method would be to import a mesh from some where else.

What about creating a prefab with a single hexagon covered plane, and tiling them? Make the surrounding areas transparent and stagger the coordinates.

Hexagons can tile rectangularly, just not square. You could make a prefab like that. Or you could make a group of 3 quads shaped like a hexagon into a prefab. Or you could model one in, say, Blender.