How to make a 50 CALL Sniper bullet pass through enemies

Hello. I am creating a first person shooter game like Project IGI 2.
I have done creating player, enemies and weapons and all my scrips are completed but I don’t know how to make my Barrett M82 A1 bullet pass through enemies.
I mean when 2 or more enemies are standing in one line the M82 A1 bullet kills them all.
all enemies have triggers. I want my bullet to pass through one trigger to another and kill all enemies that are in one line of sight.
thanks for helping in advance.

Okay so i think you need a special case for your bullet which does not destroy itself after hitting the enemy. So i think at the moment your code will be doing something like checking for the enemy trigger and playing the death animation of the enemy and destroying the bullet. If so, you can tag these special bullets as M82 and then check if the bullet is M82 then don’t destroy it when it hits the enemy trigger, but make sure you destroy the bullet after like 2-3 secs because you dont want to have unused game objects in your scene as well.
Hope it makes sense !! Best of luck :slight_smile: