How to make a barrel explode after being shot

Hey, I’m creating a game and i need a barrel to explode when i do damage to it. I’m fairly new to scripting so im not too sure how to do this. anyone with information on this could help me out i would appreciate it. thank you.

Give your barrel some health.

When you shoot the barrel decrease the health.

When the barrel gets shot check to see if the health is equal to or less than 0. If it is less or equal to 0 then your barrel should explode.

You should most likely Instantiate a explosion prefab to make it look awesome.

And optionally you can add forces to the rigidbodies around you. This would make all the non-Kinematic physics objects fly away as if a shock wave hit them.

That is just the breakdown of what is likely going to happen, to give you an overview of what needs to be done so you can get your barrels to explode.

If you do not understand feel free to ask.