how to make a bobble head?

I decided I simply MUST have a bobble head on the dash of my car. Any ideas? I tried playing with spring joints as well as tried to use a ragdoll I have in game alrready as a test making its rot node rigidbody kinematic. it sort of worked. I mean as long as I was idle, but once the car moves the other body parts act as though they too are kinematic and head lag too much streaking toward the back windshield

Ok, got a solution, and it totally works and I love it. Results will vary because of different weights, etc.

The basic setup is using a sphere collider and a capsule collider. Capsule is the base and the sphere is the head. I put Spring Joint on the base. Placing the anchor just below the surface of the top of the capsule collider and the connection anchor about mid way through the radius of the sphere collider from the bottom. Reducing the Tolerance and increasing the spring until just right. Also make sure that the head and body have appropriate weights.

The gap in the anchors with the right tolerance makes it all work. Have fun!

Can you please give the exact values you used to make the bobbling work.

Also i want it to bobble endlessly so I’ve zeroed out the angular drag but it still comes to a stop.

Thank you kind sir.

Actually the thing is I’ve been tring to play around with the value for last 1 week. But it got me no where.

I know its asking alot but can you please share a small scene or something that’s working, I don’t want to copy it but I also don’t wanna stick around this and leave it getting frustrated cause I am heading nowhere.

I’ve learned everything from unity tutorials and on my own and am new to unity.

Would you please help me…

If you can share the screenshot of the game objects that contained the spring joint.

All I want is to get it working at least once so that I can know ki yeah it works and then tweek the value to my liking.

You can share the link to me personally if you want.