How to make a bug report popup,How do I make a popup appear once and then don't appear the next times the game is opened

So I want to create a bug report popup that will not popup until the game is updated. I need some help on it.

Thanks!,So I want to create a new patch alert popup when the game is updated and first loaded after the update. I want it to pop up on the main menu and then the user can close it and then it will never appear until I make a new popup with the new patch information.

Please Help!

How about checking against the current app version? I.e. - if their current version doesn’t match the one that needs to be updated, then you show the popup. You should be able to determine their app version with Application.version.

If you want to have a popup show up after they update. I would store the current app version in PlayerPrefs the first time they ever load the app. When they update the app, you check their current version to the one stored in the Prefs. If it’s different, show the popup with all the changes for the new version, then update the PlayerPrefs with the current version. Then next time it loads, it wont show because the version #'s are the same.