how to make a bullet that goes through objects and also collide with them

hey guys , is there any way to make a bullet that gose through a glass gameobject and breaks it and also ignores its collision with glass and continues it’s path?
my glass gameobject also has some broken parts inside it with colliders and rigid bodies.

i have physical bullet prefab contain of a rigidbody and a sphere collider with some scripts to detect its collision with different gameobjects. and i shoot it, using instantiate and add force.

how to make the bullet to push the broken glass parts away without being affected from its straight path when hitting the glass

I would try turning off gravity on the bullets rigidbody. Then if you do something like bullet.AddForce(transform.forward * 500f) and the mass of the window pieces are equal to or lower than the bullets, it should keep going straight.

What @Vega4Life is suggesting is cool if you want a more realistic approach(so kinda what happens in real life if you shoot a window).
But what i would suggest is taking a look at the collision matrix This should allow you to sett up so that the bullet ignores anything on the “Window/breakable layers” or whatever you choose to call it. Then maybe add a trigger to the bullet that detects the window(or anything) and starts the breakup effect. Now you can even make some bullets that penetrate wood and stuff :smiley: @h00man