How to make a button look like a pause button

Hello! Right now I am creating a game that has a pause button. In my opinion, a default button looks ugly so is there a way I can change the “skin”? I want it to look like a pause button like from any other game with the two white lines. Is this possible? Thanks!

You could create the button without a skin entirely, and then just add a texture image to the button.

This way, it would act like a button, but not look exactly like a button. It would be a .png style image where your button should be.

Create a newGuiStyle, like so, and then do your call for the Gun Button.

public Texture2D pauseTexture //set your texture.

//create a blank guy style.
//this goes right under void OnGUI() {

GUIStyle pauseButtonStyle;
pauseButtonStyle = new GUIStyle(); 
//a button usually is new GUIStyle(;
pauseButtonStyle.alignment = TextAnchor.MiddleCenter; //centers the contents
pauseButtonStyle.fontSize = 18; //? any size...


if (GUI.Button (new Rect (xpos, ypos, width, height), pauseTexture", pauseButtonStyle)) {
    	//perform actions.