how to make a claw hand for robot arm?

hi , so im making a robot arm on unity 3D. I got a left claw and a right claw. middle is a capsule object and the black is a cylinder that will later help me rotate it. I just dont know how to make the left and right claw close and open. I tried to do some research but doesnt give me much. Any advice in what components to add for each claw and to code it to close and open when i press V/B. I already have my arm ready just need that. Please dont be rude to me . Thank you :slight_smile:

We need a lot more information to answer this, no one knows how you made the robot arm, is it made in a 3d program like blender and rigged and animated? Or is it all 3d objects from unity? If the later you will probably need to use joints.