How to make a controller vibrate using android


I’m controlling my game via a PS3 controller

Everything is working fine however I’m not sure how to request vibration from the controller.

Does anyone know how to do this?


google gave me this answer. It seems there is no built-in function for handling vibration on controllers. You must access the controller driver directly to get that functionality.

Here is a library in C++ that this guy did. He made it to work with Wii and WiiU. Take a look at the simple source code to see how he have done things. libsicksaxis. In my option he used some sort of listenner to capture the packages that the crontroller and the PS3 Console exchanges, then did the Trick with C++.

He may also have got the information exchange using the package sniffer with a PC changing irformation with the PS3 controler, which would be ‘a little less complicated’. I know for sure that there is a software when istalled together with the winmm.dll library, a few PC games when played with the PS3, makes the controller vibrates.

A quick Google search and one of the games is borderlands.

Not a simple task to do anyway.

You may want to look into

The application does allow you to output “haptic feedback” to the PS3 controller. I am not sure how willing the developer will be to share his process, but it is a good place to start. Controllers are something Android has only begun to support in the last few Android versions, so it may alter what platforms your app can target if that functionality is vital to your game.