How to make a cuttable tree in unity using terrain tolls?

I am currently working on my game, It is a normal survival game and I wanted to make a forest in it, although I got the code of the tree working I wanted a way to scatter the trees around my world and then I got to know about a feature in unity called terrain tools and I can use it to scatter the trees around my scene , but when I did that I couldn’t cut the tree . I don’t know if it is even possible that I can cut the
trees but If it doesn’t then Tell it to me.

Hey, its not good for your performance to use trees with terrain.

You can use procedural island with procedural tree’s on it.
If your player goes too far you can even load [lod’s (level of details)][1] or set them activity false, you can make them interactable too without editing terrain because terrain is a mesh if you edit one part with editing verticles or cutting it, it causes saving whole verts and you dont want that