How to make a dynamic mesh visible in Scene View

Hi. I’m a newb to Unity development. I’ve scoured the forums for an answer to this one, but perhaps I can’t find the right search keywords.

The meshes in my game are dynamically generated.
During the Start() function on a monobehaviour script, I set the mesh to a specific dynamically generated mesh.

public string meshName;
 void Start () 
 GetComponent<MeshFilter>().mesh = DynamicModelFactory.Instance().Find(meshName).mesh;

Is there a simple way I can make these objects render correctly in the Scene View when the game is not running?

I tried [ExecuteInEditMode] which works after the script compiles, but the mesh gets reset to null when you play the game and then stop running the game.
Ideally, I need that code to run whenever the public string ‘meshname’ is edited in the inspector.


Solved the problem. After doing some further testing, it was actually my singleton implementation that was giving my grief.

Changing the DynamicModelFactory singleton to an [ExecuteInEditMode] monobehaviour and attaching it to a game object fixed the problem.

I’m not sure why yet, but my singleton loses all its meshes when the game exits and returns to editor mode. I might have to do some further research or make the singleton create its own game object (as mentioned in another thread) since I don’t really want to have to add this script to every scene manually.