How to make a falling object cause damage?

Hello, i've just finished the 'FPS Tutorial' and managed to make a quick scene that involves a big creature that you fire fireballs at - which reduce it's hit points. I've also created a structure around the creature that supports a large block, i've made it so that i can destroy the supports with my fireballs and the block falls onto the creature, however i want to know how i can make the block cause damage to the creature?

I've tried to edit my current scripts to fit the situation but cant quite get it to work as i'm still very new to JavaScript.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

It's hard to answer without seeing the scripts you're currently using, but a basic solution would be to copy the collision setup from your bullets.

Just use the same kind of hitbox/settings/code that you're using on your bullets on the block, so that when it hits something, it will give it damage. Depending on the complexity of your scene, you might have to get creative and add a child object for the hitbox, but this should set you on the right path at least.