How to make a File, Edit, Preference Menu?

I’m trying to make a toolbar menu and I was looking at the scripting reference for toolbar, but I’m unsure how to use it exactly. I want to make just a standard File → Save/Exit, Edit → Undo/Redo, Preferences → Options kind of toolbar. Can anyone point me to the right direction?

It’s not something Unity was specifically designed to do, but you can do it using the GUI controls.

GUI.Label draws text, GUI.Box creates boxes (which can then be filled with text and buttons if you like) and GUI.Button makes buttons. A box of buttons would create a menu - so you can combine these primitive parts to create a basic menu system.

Check out the GUI reference - it’s not going to be very easy or straight-forward though, you’ll have to build everything yourself. There’s no standard Unity framework for drop-down menus - but you could check the Asset Store in case someone else has done it.