How to make a flame particle?

Hey guys, i made a Flame Thrower to use in my game, and i have a script already, but you know, flame throwers don’t shoot bullets, they burn fuel in order to make a flame. So, does anyone know how to make a particle like this or something? I wanted to make a particle that would be like the Hose from the standard particles, but without those “smoke” things, just the flames and something that wouldn’t restart when the character rotate, i wanted something that would rotate together with you, still working, so you could make a circle of fire around you. Can someone help me? I really don’t have any idea of how to make it though. I would appreciate a tutorial or something, i only found how to make campfires…

Here is an example: (Obviously i don’t plan to make something equal, as the image is in real life)

Some things you could do:
1)put the simulation in world space (on particle emitter) to make them independent of the player
2) Set speed over time to a curve that starts high and then flattens out at 0 before the end (means they stay still at the end point and let you make the circle )
3)set emission shape to cone,
hope these help.