How to make a floppy object

I am currently trying to make a game where you flop around derpily as a 2D fish out of water. Currently, I have a system set up that partitions a Texture into however many horizontal slices you want, and slapping those together, connected by hinge joints to emulate the effects of a derpy, floppy fish.

Here is an image for reference:
alt text

This actually has a an effect very close to what I’m hoping to accomplish with the floppiness, however, there is an issue with it in that the fish sort if “accordions”. Basically, since it’s bending while comprised of rectangular segments, the rectangles inevitably become partially disjoint, making the fish look like an accordion.

I was wondering if anyone knows a better approach to this other than splicing the fish into multiple rectangular segments and connecting them with hinge joints. Or, if there isn’t one, then how to make my system in such a way to prevent this annoying effect. (Note: this is 2D so I can’t use cloth physics effectively.)


im sorry if this is so late that youve given up! hopefully youve gotten help elsewhere. I have an idea that you could use overlapping oval shapes in a venn diagram layout with joints in the middle section so that when they rotate, there is some shape underneath. sort of similar to how slitherio worms are made. This is only theory and i dont know enough about unity to know if this is really possible or works the way you want but i wanted to throw it out there anyways