how to make a "Flying Camera" LookAt its moving path with iTweenPath

hi guys,
i am new to Unity, an i am already loving it :smiley: i am experimenting a bit with iTween for the moment and i am trying to make a “Flying Camera”. I already defined a iTweenPath with some Nodes for the camera and i added am iTweenEvent to it. The camera moves nice and smoothly through the path but the problem is that its LookAt vector doesn’t follow the ‘moving-vector’ which is the desired effect. On the iTweenEvent i already checked the ‘orienttopath’ variable but it still doesn’t effect the camera the way it should.

I hoppe someone could give me a hint, or some link where to find more information…

thanks :slight_smile:

put another gameobject slightly ahead and bind it to the same path- then just make your camera transform.LookAt(newObject).

easy as that.