how to make a game easier

Hey guys i am developing a cricket game. The animation and all is working fine. But it is becoming extremely difficult to time the shot accurately. Means the batsman misses every shot.

I tried increasing the size of the collider. Even that doesn’t seem to help much.

Please keep in mind i am new to unity and go a little soft. :slight_smile:

Maybe you should make the sphere collier on the ball a little bit bigger so the bat would be able to hit it?

TASNO :stuck_out_tongue:

Couple of tips for troubleshooting moving things/collisions

  1. Slow down time, it’s awesome
    Unity Editor Menu
    /Project Settings
    Change “Time Scale” to something slower than 1
    Now run your game and see if things do actually collide

  2. Debugging Aids
    Attach the script DebugCollision.js (below) to both game objects involved

    // ------ DebugCollision.js  ------ 
    function OnCollisionEnter(collision : Collision) {
        // Displays the names of all objects we are currently touching in this physics frame (in the Debug Console)
    	// Multiple contacts can occur simulatenously
        for (var contact : ContactPoint in collision.contacts) {			// Cycle through each point that is contacting another object	
            Debug.Log( + " hit " +;	// Display the name of this object and the one we hit	
    // ------ DebugCollision.js  ------ 

There could be many other reasons why your game doesn’t do what you want it to but try these tips to help identify what is currently happening. I hope this helps you.