How to Make a Game in a Skybox

I want to create an interactive 3D skybox that a player character can fly through. where’s a good place to start? could I find that as an asset?

This is the closest example I could find of what I want to make…

They recommended a Udacity course, but it’s for Autodesk. Is it possible to do something like this in Unity?

I thought it would be as easy as downloading a sky box and adding some volumetric clouds

I’ve imported a few skyboxes in to Unity, but I can’t actually look around the scene or anything–can only zoom in and out. Is it the asset or the camera

Newbie newb here. Any advice will help

Hi @carolynraquel87

I would recommend you get started at Unity learn section before starting to ask questions here. ‘Unity Answers’ is more for specific questions about specific problems. You could start by looking at unity learn talking about Creating a High Dynamic Range Image Skybox and see if that could be a place to start with your project.