how to make a game like Diablo 3

hello friends this question summarize all xD as I create the inventory system, the skill, the type of camera etc. I ask is because a lot xD but please if you could help me with most running my scripts is something like diablo 3

you’re looking at data structures sort of questions. I’ve never played diablo 3 but you could create a skill tree out of a directed acyclic graph (similar to BST if you know data structures) and an inventory could be created with an array to impose a cap on number of items. As far as camera, a quick bing search gives me the camera view and just set it about 50 units above the player 50 units in front (z coordinate); set the camera as a child to an invisible object which is the child of the player. Anytime you rotate the invisible object, it will rotate the camera as well as its view. (haven’t tested the view, would only take a few extra lines of code rotating the camera if that doesn’t work) This is all a general overview of what I would recommend as a software engineer. To do all this though you should get/have some experience; if you do not, do a few quick searches of data structure such as BST, linked list, and queues for general knowledge. Hopefully this helps!!