How to make a game like Tank trouble

Hi, I’m new to Unity and want to learn how to make a game like tank trouble on mobile. So far I have managed to make a controller for the tank (mainly) and the movement of the projectile by ricocheting off the walls. The problem I am having now is ai. And I would like to know where to start and what I have to do.

For those who don’t know in the game trouble tank, ai have the ability to detect the player, to follow him to a point where he can attack the player, to calculate the trajectory of the projectile to bounce off the walls and reach the player, to avoid the player’s projectiles and take the special powers.
What tutorials do you recommend me to follow?

Here’s a breakdown of the various AI components you mentioned and some tutorials that may be helpful.

Detect the player: For this, you can use raycasting or colliders to sense the player’s presence.

Tutorial: Unity - Raycasting tutorial

Follow the player: You can use a simple pathfinding algorithm like A* or use Unity’s built-in NavMesh system to achieve this.

Tutorial: Unity - Simple A* Pathfinding tutorial (oldie but a goodie)

Tutorial: Unity - NavMesh tutorial

Calculate projectile trajectory: This can be done using a predictive aiming algorithm.

Tutorial: Predictive Aiming in Unity

Avoid player’s projectiles: This can be achieved using a combination of raycasting and steering behaviors.

Tutorial: Unity - Steering Behaviors tutorial

Collect power-ups: Implement a simple power-up system and make the AI prioritize power-ups when they’re nearby.

Tutorial: Unity - Power-up System tutorial

As you follow these tutorials, make sure to adapt the concepts to fit the specific mechanics of Tank Trouble. Good luck, and have fun developing your game

I’ve made a similar game tank ace shooter I used half the things SteenPetersen has mentioned, so Steen has a pretty good idea.