How to make a game with a friend

Hello! I have been stumbling on this for a long time and I don’t know how to work in the same scene with my friend. I don’t know how to interact with my friend while we are both making the game, or in other words my friend lives in Europe and I live in the United States. How would you approach working on a game together? What programs would you use to work together and we not? Is there a way to portfoward unity itself to work with one another?

Nice article about starting of making game, choosing engine and team building.
But in russian:

you need buy unity PRo (:

Although it can be quite extensive to get into, I will recommend looking into git. You can set up repositories on BitBucket for free or Github. I’m no expert myself, but I work together with 3 other developers, and have used git on many more projects. The idea is that you have each your own local copy of the project and once you’ve made changes you commit them and push them to the repository (I think it’s called. Yes there’s quite a lot of lingo to git). It helps you merge the work and keeps track of all changes, so when your friend f**ks up something, you can revert to a previous version without having to start all over.

If you look into it, I also recommend that you search for examples on how others have used git with Unity, as it’s mainly used for scripts, thus scenes, meta files and the like can be a hassle to work with, but there are ways to work around this.

You could just email each other updated copies if you don’t want pro. Lame, but free.