how to make a game

how do i make a game

using skills and tools...

It depends on what kind of game you want to make, and how much money you have. I'd start with this one and work your way up to this, after you've made some money selling the first one.

please be more specific.

However, since you post the question in unity answer, then unity tutorial may be a good starting point (you can find the tutorial in the internet, just type unity tutorial in, or ask in the forum for tutorial's links).

But the most important thing, when you want to make a game, make a GAME DESIGN DOCUMENT, or at least the concept of the game, else you will never finish your game or it will be a cheesy game.

okay, muntahu's thing was okay, but to the others, really? it's UNITY answers!

and now, to cameron, i suggest visiting the tornado twins' tutorials at

they helped me get on my feet about designing a game. they really explain stuff, and they even give you scripts to do specific things in the game, from moving, to shooting, to losing a life, to making a turret that fires at you, to switching levels, to making levels, its a really helpful tutorial.

You need to be much more specific than that. If you want to learn the basics, then I highly recommend making a simple "Worminator" game from these tutorials Start with the first, follow just what he does, and then try to experiment and edit things later. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or on the forums. There appears to be a great community here, and you should get an answer soon enough. I am leaning my self, but Unity is a wonderful game engine. I am getting pretty good at it already! Good luck!

You may also want to try out unity's wonderful tutorials in the documentation here

1- tornado twins youtube tutorials, mod it
3- script reference
5- edit the numbers in the code to see what they do

What kind of game do you want to make?