How to make a God of War / Camera on rail system


I'm trying to implement a camera system were the camera is on a path. The position of the camera on that path must be relative to (or driven by) the position of the player. So when the player is at point A the camera is on point 1 of the path. When the player moves towards point B the camera follows the player until the camera reaches point 2 on the path. I'm trying to get the same camera system as the game God of War. Any tips on how to implement this will be very appreciated!

I'm a total noobie, so this might not work - but you could set the camera to move with the player as a default - and then create planes that when the camera (or the player) hit them, it would trigger to the script to lock the camera's location. (You could later unlock the camera to move with the player again in a script linked to the last enemy on the screen's death, or whatever you wanted).

I'm sure ACTUAL coders will give you much better tips, and mock me instead, but I thought I'd get it moving. :)

Here is a demo of Camera Path Animator doing this

Looks this link:

Is not finished, but soon, I put in Asset Store.