How to make a Grand Theft Auto kind of game ?

i like to know how to make a game like GTA. free roam, cars, npc’s, maybe missions, heicopters, maybe planes, etc …
i can use all help :slight_smile:

There is no easy way to do anything like this. I don’t think this is something that can solved with some answer in unity answers. This will take multiple scripts and tons of time and effort. But if you would pursue it I would recommend on planning everything out (Don’t try to plan stuff you won’t be able to do) Then start with the main character. Dont worry about maps or graphics. Just get the character to work good then try to program some cars. Then make a small map with place holders as buildings (Nothing fancy). Then at that step I recommend on seeking some help on the unity forums in the collab section. Then from there finish the pedestrian AI maybe some missions and the rest of the cars and helis. Then work on the maps. But don’t go on the collaboration forums till you got the basics of the game done. People wanna know that they are gonna help with a actual game that has potential. Not just some idea man. Best of luck to you. -jimmyismike