How to make a GUI to show how much battery is left on Flashlight?

How would I make a GUI to display how much battery/power is left on my flashlight? Here’s the code i have for the flashlight.

//Name this script Flashlight and attach it to your player for instance

var lightSource : Light; //Connect the light source in the Inspector
static var energy : float = 100; //The energy amount of the flashlight
static var turnedOn : boolean = false; //Boolean to check whether it's turned on or off
private var drainSpeed : float = 2.0; //The speed that the energy is drained

function Update () {
    if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.F)) ToggleFlashlight();

//When the player press F we toggle the flashlight on and off
function ToggleFlashlight () {
    if (turnedOn && energy>0) {
       TurnOnAndDrainEnergy();ow how much batter
    } else {
       lightSource.enabled = false;

//When the flashlight is turned on we enter a while loop which drains the energy
function TurnOnAndDrainEnergy () {
    lightSource.enabled = true;
    while (turnedOn && energy>0) {
       energy -= drainSpeed*Time.deltaTime;
    lightSource.enabled = false;

//This is called from outside the script to alter the amount of energy
static function AlterEnergy (amount : int) {
    energy = Mathf.Clamp(energy+amount, 0, 100);

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