How to make a hinge stay in its current rotation, resisting force ?

Hi, i recently starting using unity.
(first ever post also)
For my current project, I’m using a hinge joint working as some sort of muscle.
There are curently 3 modes : contracting, extending, and relaxed.
I want to set another one where the hinge holds its current rotation and resists up to a certain threshold of force applied to it. When more force is applied, it should have some give and rotate, then stay as is when you stop applying force.
Here’s a paint drawing of what I mean if I’m not clear enough :![1]
I don’t know how to make this work.
I’ve tried setting the min and max rotations to it’s current one at the time but that’s obviously a stupid solution and however I set it, it would either go back to said position or instantly go to 0°, but i had no other idea.
Any input on how to code this will be appreciated ty

One way would be to greatly increase the damping values for rotation. Another would be to create a second joint which forbids all movement, but has a break force.