How to make a horror game script...or some examples?

Hi there!

I am new to Unity and i want my first game to be an RPG horror one. My idea is to have it on a single setting/location with many secret rooms and, of course, some wierd objects, clues, and spooky figures. It's not really a multi-level game, but a rather story game where the main character walks around to find someone and will encounter clues and danger along the way. This is actually based on a novel i have written 3 years ago. It is either a short or a long game (depending if you know the clues well and is careful enough). I don't have problems regarding architecture or the designing of the whole environment...just the scripting thing. So any tips? Or examples? BTW i also want some cool tips in designing a good character.

Thank y'all!

Oh boy.

  1. Look up Javascript and/or C# in google. Get the fundamentals.
  2. Open up Photoshop and 3dsmax(or another 3d modelling&animating program). Get the fundamentals. Look up tutorials, experiment, spend a lot of time.
  3. When you can actually model, texture and animate objects/characters/locations that you feel are good enough, open up Unity.
  4. Look up Unity tutorials(they're all over the place!), modify existing demos to see what's what, then start your own project.
  5. Good Luck!

i would be interested in helping you with this project.

The simplest way is to hire a game programmer.