How to make a jumpscare trigger?

Im starting to make a scary game and want to put in a few jump scares. How do i go about doing this?

Ironically, one answer to this question is in the title. You can use triggers to set off anything that you can script. To do this, make an object that represents the space that you want to trigger a jump scare when the player enters. Tick the ‘Is Trigger’ box on the collider component and delete the mesh renderer. Now you will have an invisible area that can be used to trigger events. The next step is to make your the player character is tagged as “Player”. Now attach a script to your trigger that uses the collider.OnTriggerEnter() function and check if the colliding object is the player through the use of transform.tag. The rest is up to you in setting off sounds, animations, releasing enemies, etc.

An alternate way to do this that I thought of could be used to only activate the scare when the player is looking at a certain object from a certain distance. Tag the object that you want to set off the scare as “scareObject” or something and then perform raycasting from the player using Physics.Raycast(playerPos, transform.forward, triggerDistance, out hit). Where hit is a previously declared RaycastHit and transform.forward is the forward vector of the camera. If that function returns true, then check if the hit is tagged as a scareObject. From there you can activate a script in the object to start the scare,